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Feed The Hungry Pony Game: Parental Help - 8
parental help gage from 1 - 10
10 means parents have to do it all.
1 means parents have to supervise but not interfere.
2- 9 some to lots of parental help

Horse Games To Play


Feed The Hungry Pony

This can be one of your horse games to play as part of your carnival day games.

You can play this game, inside the house or outside.

Here is what you need to get started

print out the picture
using the Tile attribute on your printer
print out takes 4 sheets of 81/2 x 11” all purpose paper
Tape pages together.

Cut out on the dotted lines for the pony’s mouth

Color in the pony using markers or crayons

Tape the pony picture to a chair or on a piece of cardboard

How to play Feed the hungry Pony:

  1. Using small bean bags or sponge balls, stand at leaste one foot away from the pony and aim the ball into the pony’s mouth.
  2. Whoever gets the most sponge balls/beanbags
    into the pony’s mouth is the winner.

the image.
Click on the
pony picture



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