Clydesdales, the combination of power, grace, and intelligence makes them popular around the world.

Quick Facts

They originated in Scotland in the 1700's.

They worked at hauling coal and doing farm work.

Today, they are used instead of tractors because they are much more Eco-friendly, but of course they will never replace the tractor.

Hoofs look like large frying pans, each shoe they wear can measure 12 inches or 30 cm. and weigh 5 lbs (2.2k)!

Horse feathers! Their long silky leg hair flows over their hooves to the ground, They look like feathers. but they provide warmth against the cold winters in their native Scotland.

They are used in parades because they are not only beautiful but can pull so much weight.

And boy can they eat! the more work they do, the more they need to eat. about 25 -50 pounds (11 - 22kg) of hay and 2 - 10 pounds (1-5kg) of grain in a single day?

The advantages of owning this horse are: pleasant temperment, strong ability to pull heavy weight, and their natural protection to colder climates.

Disadvantages can include slower speeds (compared to other horse breeds), higher food costs, and higher maintenance as far as cleaning up after them.

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