Horse Grooming

Horse Grooming Tips And Supplies - Having a horse might be a beautiful thing but when it comes to taking care of it properly and performing actions like grooming things might get tougher.

First of all, whoever wants to do this, needs several horse grooming kit essentials that should be used in turns to obtain a good result. These tools include: horse brushes like, a curry comb, a dandy brush, a body brush, a hoof pick, and a towel or a polishing cloth.

The movement should start at the top of the animal's neck, all the way to his rear, then sides switched and the same thing all over again. Of course, the horse must be tied wearing a leather halter.

One must start grooming horses with the curry comb performing circular motion to loosen dirt that may have settled into the horse. Next comes the dandy brush to clean up remaining dust not eliminated by the curry comb. Following this, a body brush should be used to smooth down the hair and to get rid of any traces or left-over dirt after the use of the dandy brush.

Next one should take a mane comb and gently comb the horse's tail. Use the hoof pick making sure to clean out the hollow areas on both sides of the shoe and around the sole of the foot. Finally use your towel to wipe the horse's coat to bring out the shine.

One final note - use horse shampoo if you decide to water your horse down.

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