Horse Shampoo

The first and original use for horse shampoo is of course to make horses and ponies look their best for horse shows and competitions. For most animals, you should look for a mild, non-irritating formula to protect your horse or pony’s skin. Some equine shampoos use a scent that can be repellent to insects – this can be a major advantage as bugs can be great irritant for horses, and some of them will not hesitate to feed on the riders, too. Look for a hypo-allergenic or plant based formula for safety.

For white and gray ponies, you could try using a little “Blueing” agent, similar to that used by some elderly people to make white hair look more silvery. Be sure to rinse thoroughly.

Another use for equine hair care products that is often advertised is to encourage hair growth in humans. There is a belief that they can help your hair to grow longer and stronger. Before you purchase any shampoo with this in mind, you should always check the claims carefully. It is unlikely that the products can really do anything to stimulate the hair follicle. However, a well formulated, moisturizing shampoo can, if used regularly, prevent splitting and breaking, and therefore help you to maintain longer hair in good condition. Horse hair is much coarser than human hair, so the shampoos are often extra moisturizing and softening. It would certainly be worth a try.

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