Horse Breeds

There are many different types of horse breeds for a person to choose from when buying a horse. Each breed has its own idiosyncrasies, traits, and good and bad qualities.

The question for the potential horse buyer is which horse type should I get? Unfortunately this answer is different for everyone and will depend on skill level, personality, and individual taste.

This website will give you the details on many different types of breeds to choose from. We will discuss temperment, size, color, and even the maintenance and care for these breeds.

Follow the links below and read about each type of horse. This will help you make your own decision about which horse you should choose. Also, be sure to bookmark this page and check back frequently for new additions.

Andalusian Horse

Anglo Arab Horse

Arabian Horses

Canadian Horse


Connemara Pony


Friesian Horse

Icelandic Horses

Lipizzan Horse

Morab Horse

Quater Horses

Shetland Ponies

Shire Horse

Thoroughbred Horses

Welsh Pony

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