The Falabella

Falabella – Origins, Use, and Characteristics

These magnificent animals are the true pets of the equine family. Being the smallest horses in the world, they can be smaller than some large dogs! Due to their fine origins, these animals can be used in numerous ways, not just as pets. Their desirable characteristics make them a lovely horse for any family.

These miniature horses were first bred in South America. Spanish horses such as the Andalusian horse have been credited as ancestors but today’s Falabella has gone through decades of persistent breeding to gain the small size along with good structure.

Most of these animals can be traced back to one Argentinean source. A family dedicated to creating a new kind of horse crossed thoroughbreds with Shetland and Welsh ponies to achieve the petite size. It took a long time to gain a consistent stock of ponies that were short in height.

Due to this breeding, these animals are now the smallest horse breed in the world. Their height is often not more than eight hands.

A true breed should be similar to an Arabian horse in conformation, have a sturdy bone structure and be relatively strong for their size. Their Shetland pony roots have given them a thick coat, mane and tail.

These animals are sweet natured and due to their small size, they are relatively easy to train. Despite of their height, they are trained in the exact same way as regular size horses and ponies and can do many of the same activities.

These animals make excellent riding ponies for very small children. Most often they are used in breeding, showing and driving.

When buying a pure bred it is essential to contact a reliable breeder. As with many other miniature pets, it is sometimes difficult to judge the adult size of a horse when it is still a foal. Always check their breeding records to ensure that you are getting a true miniature Falabella.

Some people see these animals as a gimmick of the horse world, a horse which is sweet to look at but has no true use in other ways. However, origins and strict breeding have influenced their nature and characteristics making them an excellent investment for breeders and for families with small children.

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