Horse Jobs

Are there many horse jobs out there?

There are more people looking for horse related work than there is work - unless you are qualified.

Many people would love to work as an assistant to a veterinarian. Usually a job such as this requires a degree or certificate from a college or private school. But, there are work opportunities even if you do not have a degree. Here is a list of jobs working with horses.

- Horse stable manager
- Horse Trainer:
- Equine Massage Therapist
- Horse Sitter
- Stable Mucker
- Riding Instructor
- Sales help in a tack shop
- Horse Exerciser
- Horse Veterinarian
- Horse Vet Assistant

The above are the more common types of horse jobs. These can be done with and without schooling depending on the job you decide to undertake. University of Guelph in Ontario Canada has excellent equine study programs. If you are interested in pursuing a career in the field, I highly recommend you explore this option. (I took courses at this university)

If you do not live in Canada and want to get a degree in the field of Equine management, you might want to check out some of the online colleges. You can continue working at your current job, and take as much time as you need to complete the certificate program.

You could also use your existing land or purchase some land and start your own business. Using your land you could run a horse ranch where you can board horses, train riders, or even have parties for kids.

Thinking of running a horse based business? This site will help you with boarding contracts and the cost of running a horse boarding stable.

Here is a great example of some horse boarding contracts.

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