Boarding Contracts

Horse boarding contracts are a great protection in the horse business. A lot of nice people are taken advantage of in the horse boarding business.

I have received a lot of letters asking for suggestions as to how to deal with various problems that cause stress to small horse boarding establishments.

As an owner of a small barn where you are also the manager, mucker etc... it is sometimes difficult to stick to rules and regulations.

BUT, you don't have to give in all the time.

First write up a contract or an informal information sheet for your boarders.

List all your rules

List your expectations of your boarders.

They have to know what is expected from them.

for example.

1.. board is ______$ and is paid at the 1st of every month.

2.. state what you offer for the cost of board

3.. what do you expect from your boarders in the way of cleanliness, smoking rules, coming and going rules etc...

4.. tell them exactly how much hay and feed is provided by you and what must be provided by them (extras they want)

Make a rule and provide an explanation

People are more willing to follow rules when you provide a reason for the rule.

Studies have shown that if you ask a person for a small service, and add the word because.... they are more likely to provide this service.

You can be firm but nice too.

Remember that this is YOUR stable. You must feel comfortable. The happier and more relaxed you are, the happier are your boarders.

Make the rules and stick to them. Provide a little explanation as to why these rules are in place. click here to view a short worksheet on finding the perfect boarding stable.

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