Horse Games

Here, you will find many horse games, ideas, and training tips . The first game we will talk about is clicker training.

Other games involve spoons and eggs, treasure hunts, games to test your knowledge of horses, safety habits, barn work and lots of other types of contests.

Playing games on your horse or training your equine companion is a great way to bond and create a close loving relationship.

Play them with friends who also have horses. Put together a horse show. Create a list of competition games, a list of rules, make ribbons, and a first prize cup or statue to give to the winner.

Horse Riding Games - Great ideas for competitive contests or just for fun.

Horse Stable Games - Is your horse confined to his stall due to illness, injury or bad weather? Here are some ideas to keep his spirits up and release some of his boredom.

Horse Toys - There are lots of toys for horses. Find out about toys to keep your stall bound equine companion busy and happy. A bored horse can get into a lot of trouble. Boredom in horses creates bad habits that are hard to break. Weaving from side to side, chewing on wood, kicking the stall door are just a few vices that a bored horse may pick up as a habit.

Hobby Horse - A step by step guide to making your own hobby horse toy.

Hobby Horse Template

Clicker Training - Clicker training is a great way to train a horse to do tricks as well as a way to teach him manners.

Horse Crafts

Horse Crafts For Kids

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