Clicker Training

How to go about clicker training your horse.

Click during the desired behavior, not after it is completed.

The click ends the behavior.

Give the reward after that.

The horse may be startled when it first hears the click, but will become accustomed to it.

Click when the horse does something you like.

Choose something easy while you are learning. Something like touching his nose to an object or to the ground. choose something the horse is likely to do on its own.

Keep the lessons short. Much more is learned in three short sessions than in an hour of boring repetition. Fit a few clicks here and there into your normal routine.

Begin to remove bad behavior by clicking good behavior.

Instead of scolding behavior such as barging past you, click for standing still beside you.

Click for voluntary (or accidental) movements towards your goal.

Do not wait for perfect behavior. Click and reward for small movements in the right direction.

When the horse has learned to do something for clicks it will begin to show the behavior spontaneously, trying to get you to click.

Now is the time to begin offering a cue, such as a hand signal. Start Clicking for that behavior after the cue. Start ignoring the behavior when the cue is not given.

If you lose your temper,stop the game. Do not mix scolding and correction with this type of training.

Remember to relax and have fun. This is a fantastic opportunity to spend quality time with horses, who will enjoy being in your company

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