Horse Sports

Few people are exposed to the wonderful world of horse sports. Many people respect the beauty of the animals, and every little girl wants a pony. But equestrian, horse polo, and horse racing are amazing spectacles to behold.

Equestrian is the proper name for horseback riding. The rider takes the horse around a track using various horse gaits, sometimes lined with fences or gaps to jump over. The trial is timed, and points are deducted for hitting the horse's hooves on an obstacle while jumping.

Polo is a field game invented long ago. Riders on teams of 4 pilot horses in pursuit of a ball they hit with hand-held mallets. A score is made when a rider hits the ball into the goal. Naturally, the team with the most goals wins.

Horse racing is as exciting as it is controversial, these days. Sometimes the horses carry nothing but a jockey while other times call for them to pull a small carriage, also called a harness. After the death of a horse last year, the racing community was forced to consider the stress this sport can put on the animals. Certain strides have been made to improve the safety for the horses, including making a more comfortable horseshoe for their hooves.

Horse shows are different because they show off the natural beauty of horses without taxing them physically.

Horse Riding Aids should be used when breaking a horse. This will help ensure that the horse is properly trained to be ridden in the safest manner possible. You can also use horse training aids for training horses quickly.

Hacking out can be a refreshing change from sporting.

The use of show horses can also be considered an equine sport of sorts.

Sports are a part of our world, as are animals. When both of these soul-connecting forces are combined, the results are impressive, fun, and beautiful.

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