Show Horses

Getting Your Horse Ready for a Show

Your show horses and your upcoming shows. - Showing is becoming more and more popular among breeders and leisure riders. As these shows put emphasis on the appearance of the horse more than other competitions, it is important to get your horse ready for a show well in advance.

A well-proportioned and attractive horse used in shows should have a muscular and balanced body. The easiest way to build up muscle is flat work and climbing up and going down a hill. Lateral flat work will not only develop muscle, it will also help you to strengthen your horse’s movements and the co-operation between you and your horse.

When you are looking to get your horse to develop muscle, it is often a good idea to help this process by giving it an iron supplement. Some horse owners will also make changes to the feed they are giving but you should always consult your vet before making any changes to avoid colic.

During this time you should also start to pay attention to your horse’s coat. A show horse is usually clipped and only has light and shiny coat. You should start to clip your horse well in advance and always put a rug on it if the weather is cold. For shinier coat, add some flax or carron oil to your horse’s feed and groom it every day.

When the show is only a day away you should give your horse a thorough wash. Get all the stains and dirt out of any white markings or socks and braid your horse’s tail to keep it tidy until the last grooming. Makes sure that your showing outfit is clean and that your horse’s tack is spotless.

On the show day, give your horse a thorough grooming and add some coat conditioner to all visible areas on the coat except for under the saddle. Many frequent show-goers use tricks like horse make-up to highlight white socks and muzzle. Adding some hoof oil to your horse’s hooves will make them shine but make sure to do this well before the show to give the oil sufficient time to dry.

Getting your horse ready for a show requires some planning and work. Giving yourself enough time to prepare for a show will always work to your advantage and make your showing experience easier.

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