Horse Shows

Horse shows are just some of the many things the equine world offers for horse lovers to take part in. Apart from competitions, breeders, leisure riders and professionals come together to showcase their skills and horses. These events are called shows.

Although many showing classes are structured like a competition, there are other reasons for equine people to take part in these events. Breeders often take part in shows because they want to showcase their stock and create more business for themselves. Winning a sought after award in a show can help in selling the winning horse but also give the audience an idea as to what kind of horses the breeder in question has.

For leisure rider, showing is an outing for both the horse and rider. It is a good way to get your horse used to being around masses of people and performing beside other horses. Shows are often once a year events, making it ideal for someone not seeking a long-term commitment.

Shows are also a useful tool in selling your horse. If your horse has a good family tree and people have seen it perform at a show, they might be more interested in purchasing it.

Due to their popularity, equine shows now have several classes including driving, dressage, in-hand showing, eventing and showjumping. Both in UK and USA, horse shows also offer classes for specific breeds along with the more accessible working hunter and pony breed events.

Regardless of the class, horses should always be well turned out. Equine shows are like a beauty pageant for horses so preparing a horse for one is all about highlighting the best features of the horse.

Depending on the class, riders must wear appropriate attire and have their horses turned out with the right equipment. In some big shows a veterinary examination and a doping test might be carried out beforehand. Details for preparations and turnout should always be checked with the show organisers as rules vary.

Equine shows often have cash prizes for the winners along with ribbons and trophies. Many shows also award the overall champion of the show.

Shows can be a fun outing for leisure riders and a useful marketing expo for breeders or people looking to sell their horse. Horse shows are organised all over the world, usually during the spring and summer months.

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