Horse Toys

Horse toys are important for horses confined to their stalls for long periods of time. It prevents the restless equine from picking up bad habits out of boredom

Bad habits are difficult to break. They can cause great distress for:
• The horse owner
• the boarding stable owner
• and the horse

Below are some ideas horse toys that might help keep your equine buddy occupied.

The "Jolly Ball"Can be pushed, pulled - even stepped on - and if not bitten or punctured, will re-inflate on its own.

I had a ball for my horse to kick around. She broke it immediately. I can't remember what kind it was but it was not cheap and it still broke. If you are going to get a ball make sure it has a warranty!

Horse Treats

stall toy

This cylinder shaped horse toy has treats inside. When the horse pushes it with his nose, the treats fall out. This type of toy is supposed to encourage horses to graze in their natural, head-down position, while treats are dispensed by gravity.

As long as there are treats it will provide hours of stimulation. Shown is one that is mounted on the wall.

Giant Scented Apple

This is a popular and relatively inexpensive horse toy. 10 inch high red plastic apple in the stall to amuse him. Hang it up from the ceiling and he will butt it with his head. It is a good deterrent for horses that have taken up the terrible habit of weaving side to side.

giant apple

"Jolly Stall Snack with Apple Treat"

A new tasty way for your horse to be entertained, while helping to alleviate stall boredom. Hang it from the ceiling of the box stall. The treat that goes inside is also sold separately.

The horse can finish up the treat sometimes very quickly by knocking it out of the holder and gobbling it up. It is a great boredom alleviator if he licks it as he is supposed to do.

Make your own Amusement Ball
Horse toys don't have to be expensive or complicated to make.

Here is what it takes to Make your own amusement ball.

Supplies needed

1 gallon milk or water plastic jug Grain or fat and fiber





Clean out the empty containerPierce small holes (about 10) around the sides of the jug, tie a strong rope to the handle and hang it from the ceiling low enough for the horse to be able to butt it with his nose.

Open the cap fill it a small quantity of grain or treats such as apple crunch and let him figure it out. If it breaks just make a new one.

stall snack

The Scratch-Scratch-Post

Here is a picture of a Scratch’n Pole. It provides a safe and comfortable place for your horse to scratch.

scratch post

Natural sisal rope is wound around a heavy duty plastic pipe and supplies the feel good scratch for your horse, and can easily be replaced when worn out.

To make one, take a piece of strong rubber or plastic piping wrap it around with twine and fasten it to a wall of the box stall.

A little friend for your horse

How about getting your horse a pet. Perhaps a rabbit. My friend Anna Maria had a rabbit for her horse. The rabbit hopped around in the stall and the horse never stepped on it. The rabbit was good company.

A goat is also a good pet for a horse. But they tend to eat everything in sight. A rabbit is less upkeep.

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