Horse Stable Games

Horse stable games to bond with your horse and teach him some good manners in the mean time.

Clicker training your horse is a fun way to spend quality time with him.

What is a clicker?

A clicker is a small box with a metal strip in it, that when pushed down makes a click sound It is not essential to use a ‘clicker’ but it is important that the sound used to mark behavior is always consistent, concise and does not vary in it’s tone. The sound ‘click’ marks the behavior you want to shape.

The positive reinforcement (after the click) is whatever the horse finds motivating and rewarding i.e. food or a rub.

The reward must only be used after the click marking the desired behavior, not as an incentive or bribe to create the behavior

Clicker training is a POSITIVE training tool. It teaches the horse what to do.

Do not try to correct unwanted behavior; instead focus on what you want the horse to do.

Step one: Decide what you want your horse to do.Make it clear and precise. It makes the lesson easier for him to learn.

Hold some object (the Target) up in front of your horse. When he bumps it, click, give him a treat.

As soon as he realizes that touching the target gets him a treat, that is the behavior you’ll see.

Before starting your lesson, be sure to have a safe place for you and the horse. Remember you don’t want him to get out of control. You want him to establish polite manners around food.

This game will also teach him the patience and emotional control he needs to be a safe riding partner.

As soon as he figures out the clicker game, he will be eager to play it.

The Click marks the exact behavior you want to reinforce.

Practice using the clicker before giving him a lesson. Try these horse stable games with another person. Practice clicking during the desired behavior not after it is completed. The click ends the behavior. Give the reward after that.It’s not as easy as you think. Some coordination on your part is needed so practice it on your dog, or your baby brother….

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