Horse Crafts

Horse Crafts for Horse Crazy Kids

Horse crafts for the horse crazy:
You know who you are!
Can't stop thinking about horses?
You know you are Horse-Crazy when......
You’ve begged, you’ve cried, you threatened to “die” if you didn’t get a horse but your parents simply refuse to even discuss the subject.
Take heart, you can live a normal life even if you do not own your own horse.

Here are some horsey things that you can do during these horseless years.

Riding School Fun
How about a riding lesson once a week? Can’t afford the cost?
How about making a deal with the riding school: You muck out in exchange for riding lessons.Hanging out in a stable you will soak up a lot of knowledge about horses. Later on when you do ride, you will be far ahead of the rest in your horse related knowledge.

Can’t get to a riding stable on your own, and your parents won’t drive you? Here is a solution: Find a riding club, and offer your services to help with the kids in exchange for being with the horses. You might not get to have a lesson, but you might brush the horses, lead them in and out o fthe ring etc… You will be closer to the horses while soaking in more horse related skills

Related Books

Go to the library, book store or search the internet for horse related books. Read and study everything about horses, such as horse related stories, magazines and games.

Do you have a favorite book about horses? Share it with us. Fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page with your horse book suggestion. Others will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

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