Horse Ranch

Living and Working in Paradise

Moving to a horse ranch in the country was a dream come true. Far from the hustle and bustle of the big city to the peaceful life with horses.

I love the new life I have here in St. Lazare. Besides taking care of 9 horses, 2 crazy dogs, a pig...and lets not forget the cats.

My husband and I also have a graphic design studio. But I wanted something new, something different - something that would weave together: design - horses - and anecdotes about my new life.

Oh yeah...I also wanted to find a new income source. Something that I could do from home. No commuting to the city.

This can and has been done by many adventurous souls that want to have fun with horses and make money at the same time. A ranch can be run profitably through giving riding lessons, boarding horses, running camps, hosting birthday parties, and many other ways. You could even run a horse ranch vacation camp for kids, students, and even adults.

Well behaved and well trained horses love working with people so it is a win win situation if done properly. You can learn the skills necessary to run a horse ranch through taking courses on equine management, working as an intern, doing your own research, and through the experience of actually getting out there and doing it.

Quick Tips

Make sure you have enough money before you get started. Most small businesses fail withing the first year due to lack of finances. An underfunded business is a business that is doomed to failure.

Visit your local chapter of the small business administration if you live in or around the United States. This organization will help you do everything from writing a business plan to setting up your business, and they do it all for free.

Think carefully before starting a business, but once you decide to do it take action immediately. Like the saying goes, "a journey of 1,000 miles starts with the first step". This first step will not only get you started but it will shorten your journey by a step as soon as you take it, so get started.

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