The Canadian Horse

The Canadian horse breed is a very tough horse breed built for surviving in both extremely cold and extremely hot conditions. Anybody that has been outside during a harsh Canadian winter will appreciate these horses for the conditions they could work in.

These horses make great work horses because they can work tirelessly for long hours. This was incredibly useful during the days where horses were used instead of modern machinery. Their stocky build makes them great for pulling and doing farm work.

This horse also has a very pleasant temperament, and makes a great family horse. They get along well with both other people and other horses. Temperament is gentle and intelligence and trainability are very high.

Characteristics of this horse include a set of short and stocky legs, a short head, and a wide forehead. They have a well muscled body with a very broad chest. The manes and tails on these horses are long and beautiful. This being said, you probably won't find too many horse shows full of this type of breed.

The color of this horse is usually black, but you can find other colors such as brown, chestnut, and even an ashy looking white.

The Canadian came to North America from France hundreds of years ago and although they have experienced some trouble, they are now holding strong as a breed. Nobody really knows exactly which horse breeds were used to create the Canadian. However, many feel that it probably originated from Andalusians, Arabians, and a few European breeds.

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