Horse Grooming Supplies

There are a great many horse grooming supplies available to choose from. I will concentrate on a few of the most basic and necessary brushes and combs that you will need to take care of your horse or pony’s coat, mane, and tail.

One of the first brushes that you should have is a dandy brush. This has coarse bristles, and is used for getting mud, dirt, and dust from the coat. A body brush has softer, shorter bristles, and is used after the first grooming with a dandy brush, to smooth the coat and bring it to a shine.

A curry comb is a metal or plastic flat comb. It is not usually used on the horse’s coat, but rather it is used to remove excess hair that builds up in the body brush or dandy brush, especially if your horse lives outside and is shedding a winter coat.

A mane comb is usually metal or hard plastic, and is similar in appearance to a styling comb that we might use on curly or nappy hair. It is used for removing tangles from the horse’s mane and tail. Once the tangles are removed, you can use your dandy brush to bring the mane or tail to a shine.

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