Horse Hoof Pick

A hoof pick is essential for grooming your horse. This is because it is nearly impossible to give your horse's hooves a good inspection without picking out his or her hooves first.

What is a hoof horse pick?

These little tools are about seven to eight inches long and usually consist of a plastic or wooden handle and a curved piece of stainless steel which serves as the actual pick. It will sometimes have a brush attached to the back of it to help you brush away areas you have picked.

You'll usually find a basic pick at around a price of five dollars. However, you can purchase more elaborate horse picks with hand carved wooden handles for a premium price.

Why use a hoof pick?

A horse's hooves should be picked and cleaned after each and every time you take your horse out. Picking your horse's hooves not only helps you inspect for hoof problems, but it also helps you prevent them. The are many equine hoof problems that can develop and it really is important that you be on guard against them.

How to use:

Using these equine picks is not very hard. First, you'll need to make sure your horse is calm and at ease. This will make it easier to get your horse to stand calmly on three legs while you pick its hoof. You'll also want to tie the horse up so that it will not try to graze while you are picking.

Next you'll want to slowly raise the horses leg in a natural way. Once the horse's hoof is up in the air, you can go ahead and use your hoof pick to clear out dirt, mud, stones, and anything else that should not be there. Use the brush to help clear away debris when necessary.

While you do this, be sure to check for cracks or anything else unusual in your horse's hooves. If you find anything out of the ordinary, be sure to contact your farrier or veterinarian immediately.

Always remember that the quality of your horse's hoof health will directly affect the quality of life for your horse. Take care of your horse well and you and your equine friend will have a happy and healthy life together.

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