Horse Brushes

Horse brushes are essential for horse grooming. There are many different types of brushes used to groom horses. This grooming is a very important aspect when it comes to the health of the horses. Its also important for competition shows involving the horses.

One type of brush that is used is a dandy brush, which is also known as a hard-bristle brush. This brush is used to remove the dirt, clumps of hair, and other material stirred up by a curry comb. These brushes are used in short strokes from front to back in the direction of the horses hair growth. The best quality of these brushes are made of rice beams. Dandy brushes can also be used as a water brush. This is when the brush is damped in water and used to wet down the mane and tail of the horse.

Body brushes are also used in the grooming process. These brushes are soft-bristled and used to remove fine particles and dust which adds a shine to the horses coat and also gives the horse a nice soothing feeling. A body brush can also be used on the head of a horse. These brushes are made of boar bristles like some human hair brushes, and some soft synthetic materials. One thing to note, is that the body brush is always the last brush used on the horse.

Another type of brush that is used is known as a mane brush or a comb. This is used or horses with short pulled manes. So as you can see there are many types of brushes used in order to groom a horse to keep them not only looking good but healthy as well.

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