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Horse grooming kit essentials are what make up your horse grooming kits. The equestrian market has various grooming equipment available for anyone looking after horses. While the vast amount of options can be overwhelming, here are some essentials any horse owner or carer should have in their grooming box.

Curry comb: A rubber or plastic curry comb is a handy tool for removing mud. A curry comb is also a useful tool in removing hair out of other brushes but it should never be used to comb mane or tail.

Dandy brush: Dandy brushes with long bristles are used to remove dust. These brushes are useful when a horse only needs a quick surface grooming but should not be used for the more sensitive parts.

Body brush: Soft body brushes can be used all over the horse’s body. They clean any dust a dandy brush would not get off. Body brushes with natural bristles are usually the best option as they are softer and give horses coat a nice shine.

Hoof pick: The most useful hoof picks have a brush as well as a pick. The brush part will help to clean any loose muck from either side of the frog.

Mane and tail comb: There are several different types of combs out there but most horse groomers find combs with handles the best.

Face brush: These soft small brushes are extremely handy for cleaning a horse’s face. They are also useful for cleaning their feet but make sure to have a separate brush for this.

Other accessories: Any grooming kit should have a pair of scissors for trimming fetlocks, mane and tail. A cactus mitt is also a handy tool for giving that last touch with a shine. You should also have some sponges for cleaning your horse’s face and under the tail.

Helpful extras: Although not essential grooming kit items, there are numerous helpful tools for making grooming easier. A spray on mane and tail conditioner can help in untangling. Water brush is useful when washing your horse and a sweat scraper will remove any extra moisture after bathing. If you do a lot of competing or showing, disposable wipes for tack, coat, face, eyes and under the tail are a real lifesaver.

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