Mane Comb

Let a Mane Comb be your horses "main comb".

One of the key tools used to groom a horse is the comb used for its mane. As the name implies, it is a comb made especially for grooming the horse’s main and tail hair. Usually, the comb is about 5 or so inches in length with wide teeth to gently get snarls or tangles out of the mane. Some combs have handles and others are made like a barber’s comb, with no handle but a wide back for ease of holding.

Usually these specialized combs are made of aluminum, but they also come in plastic or even bone or wood. They range in price from around six dollars to over fifty dollars. Just because a comb is more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean it is any better; it is up to the user which he or she prefers to use. Some are just a simple comb while others have automatic cleaning bars that are used to push any trapped hair out of the comb.

No matter what comb one chooses, proper care of the mane is essential for the health and happiness of your beloved horse. Grooming can be a bonding time, so make it the best by carefully researching what style combs are available, prices, and features. And enjoy caring for your horse!

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