Fostering A Pony

Fostering a Pony Program

The history behind Fostering a Pony Plan.

Lin and Gerry Month bought their pony Rock N' Roll to save him from a very abusive situation. He was in bad shape. He was terrified of people and it took hard work and perseverance to train him.

“We use the Parelli method of horse training with Rock N’ Roll. You cannot believe the difference this has made. The pony used to be terrified of people. Now he asks for hugs and is winning ribbons!” Lin grins proudly.

“He has turned out to be a champion in horse shows. The judges love him. He looks like a miniature Thoroughbred.”

They now allow Rock N' Roll to be leased out in one year contracts.

The people who agree to take him, must pay for his Ferrier and vet. for the duration of their contract.

There is no charge for the lease.

There is no stipulation as to where Rock N' Roll can be boarded. Hopefully his foster parents will work with a trainer. The trainer he is with now can take a child who has never ridden before and have him winning ribbons the first year. He is available from November 1st of this year.

Fostering Rock N’ Roll is a great way to decide whether your child wants to be into horses. And with children – they grow so fast that they can outgrow a pony in the blink of an eye. Then what do you do? You have to sell the pony and buy something bigger.

The pony is 13.3 hands.

By fostering the pony you are assisting with a rescue and at the same time your child can become a show rider.

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