Hemp Horse Bedding

Hemp Horse Bedding is a quality highly absorbant alteranative to straw or wood shavings.

Hemp has been cultivated in North America since the 17th century. For a number of years it was against the law to grow hemp, it is once again legal to grow hemp commercially in Canada .

The outside of the hemp stalks are harvested for use in the textile, composite and paper industries. The core of the stalk is used for animal bedding, garden mulch and building materials.

Queen Elizabeth of England,uses the European company "Hempcore", producers of hemp bedding, as her equine product supplier.

HempChips, an Ontario based company, researched the wide spread use of hemp bedding in Europe and did stall trials and test marketing of the product in Ontario prior to launching HempChips at the Royal Winter Fair in 1998.


• HempChips are dust extracted and cleaned of any impurities
• Ensure a clean stable environment
• Reduction in conditions that lead to respiratory problems in horses
• All natural – there few chemicals used to grow the hemp stalk and no chemicals used during processing.
• Highly absorbent – therefore you can use less
• Horses will not eat hemp stalks


• High initial Cost of putting down the bedding
• Difficulty in locating local sellers.

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