Newsprint Bedding

Newsprint bedding is shredded newspaper/cardboard. It is ecologically conservative and very absorbent. This type of bedding can be the least expensive bedding of all for the resourceful. For instance, if you live near a place that normally throws out large amounts of paper or cardboard, you could get this bedding absolutely free!


• Soft and comfortable
• No Dust
• Horses usually will not eat it
• Horses are easier to clean after lying in newsprint as opposed to shavings
• Easy to store and transport in the small bales
• Good for places that are allowed to burn muck


• Light weight can make the muck heap prone to blow around the yard in windy weather.
• Makes the stable look unkempt with the newsprint blowing all over the place.

The disadvantages of this type of bedding for horses are few, but should be recognized. Windy areas with more open and drafty barns are not a great place to use paper and cardboard bedding.

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