Rubber Matting

The Benefits of Rubber Matting are numerous. Just like us, horses and ponies feel the strain from standing on hard surfaces. If they slip, injury is also likely to be greater on concrete than on a softer surface.


• Using these mats provides a very comfortable standing surface
• Extra traction helps to reduce the risk of injury in the stable.
• Provides a much warmer, safer and more comfortable floor
• Reduces the quantity of bedding required.
• Different brands and differences in cost and quality.
• Good buffer between the horse and the floor.
• Extra cushioning alleviates pressure and stress of hock and knees.
• Less bedding need


• The cost of some stall matting is quite high

A good friend of mine uses the ComfortStall® System for her 2 box stalls. It is true that she goes a little overboard (to say the least) when it comes to caring for her horses. They not only have the Comfortstall® system for the floor of their box stalls but peat moss as bedding. rubber matting

To me this is the best type of sleep arrangement for any horse. By the way, the matting for the 2 stalls cost a total of 1500 $ cdn including installation.

Like any other bedding, the amount of material you will need depends on the type of horse being housed, how many hours the horse spends in the stall, weather conditions, and the size of the stall.

Also be aware that stabling is not natural for equines, so measures must be taken to ensure a healthy, comfortable and happy environment is created.

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