Wood Pellets

Wood pellets are compressed shavings (usually pine). They are treated to remove toxic substances and dust, and they expand when wet.


• Some pellets clump so it’s easy to clean.
• Very Absorbant therefore you need to put down less
• Branded pellets are free of dust and toxic substances
• Greatly lowering the chance of respiratory problems
• Easy to sift through with pitch fork
• Mucking out is faster easier and less wasteful
• Reduction in the amount of waste thrown out
• Requires about 1/3rd the space of a traditional flake shaving bale.
• Comfortable, shock absorbing, and aesthetically pleasing.
• Stalls are drier and cleaner
• More Cost Effective in the long run
• Easier to use

As you can see, this is a much better alternative to sawdust horse bedding.

This type of bedding for horses is also a safer alternative to wood shavings as it does not have the toxins that may harm your equine partner.


• Upfront cost is higher
• More difficult to find than sawdust or wood shavings

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