Apple Horse Treats

Apples are so plentiful, cheap, and delicious that I thought of some great apple horse treats to make.

With busy lives most people don't even bake for themselves but us horse people are a crazy bunch, and, of course our horses come first.

Non-horsey people don't understand that to us, horses are a passion.

Here is the horse treat recipe for apple horse treats.

Apples, from the store or from your tree (or someone else's)

Cut a hole in the apple where the core is. (as if you were going to bake an apple)

Fill the hole with either horse feed that you use (sweet feed, equalizer, some horse checkers)


Using your food processor: shred carrots and mix with 2 tbs. of molasses. Fill the hole you made in the apple with the carrot mixture. If you don't want to be standing around while the horse is taking bites out of the apple treat, here is another fantastic yummy treat, don't eat it all yourself!

Using a food processor or cutting by hand, take carrots, apples, molasses and oatmeal flakes, mix all together, form into balls of any size you think is best and put in the fridge for about an hour. Keep it in the barn, to give as a treat before they go to sleep at night (or whenever you want).

You can also mix in some sweet feed instead of oatmeal flakes but the oatmeal flakes give it a good consistency and make forming into balls easier. To decide on measurements of the ingredients, play it by "feel" the mixture should form a ball. If it falls apart, it means you have used too much of one ingredient.

I like to use 2 carrots, 2 medium size apples, 2 tbs. mollases and sprinkle in the oatmeal flakes a little at a time while mixing until it reaches the right consistency.

Do you have any great horse treat recipes?

Share with us.

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