Big Horn Saddles

Big Horn saddles are a popular brand of saddle used by horse owners. They offer several different saddle variations, but they are all within the western saddle family.

A 10 year guarantee is given for most parts of the saddle. Every rider experiences different wear and tear on their saddles based on several factors. This is why the entire saddle is not guaranteed. The saddles have an outstanding reputation with customers and they are most popular in the Western areas of the United States.

The saddles can be customized when ordered online or out of a catalog or store to fit the needs of the rider. Color is one of the many options that can be changed to suit.

Saddle users say this saddle is light weight, comfortable and durable. One of the endurance saddles offered does not have a horn in the front as western saddles typically do. The stirrups are also further forward then would be on a pleasure saddle.

Saddles offered in addition to the main western saddles are, barreling saddles, reining saddles, and Arabian saddles. This is great because the company offers options for almost any need. According to reviews of many customers, the brand has a high reputation for high quality with a lower then average price. Prices vary, but will generally cost $300 and upward.

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