Bran Feed

Bran feed was once warmed up and given to horses during the long and cold winter months as a treat for the horses. This practice seemed great since the horses seemed to love the feed and the owners loved giving it to them. The problem with this practice came in the form of poor horse nutrition.

It is now known that this type of feed should not be given to the horses because it can cause many health problems including big head syndrome and even colic. Even given occasionally, this horse food can cause poor horse digestion.

Horse owners should look into some other form of horse feed to keep their horses safe and healthy. Many other options are available for the horse lover looking to keep their horses warm in the winter. For instance you could feed them extra hay to get their digestion rates higher. You could also buy some cute horse blankets for your horse to adorn in the harsh winter months.

It is not recommended for any horse owners to ever use this type of feed on their horses. Although this food may be inexpensive on the surface, it could cost your horse its life.

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