Cost of running a horse boarding stable

Cost of running A horse boarding stable: First hand information, tips and advice in your horse boarding management business for novice ranch owners.

So, you're interested in running a horse boarding establishment.

Generally the cost of running a boarding stable is quite high.

Adjust your board fees accordingly. In our area The approximate cost of boarding a horse is between $250.00 to about $1,100.00 per month per horse. Other areas may be cheaper or more expensive depending on expenses relating to horse care. An example would be the price of hay. In St. Lazare it is quite high. Other parts of the country might be much lower. It depends on supply and demand. (In Bermuda - the price of hay is....very high. Therefore, the cost of horse boarding in Bermuda is considerably higher than in Canada).

The same goes for Italy. The monthly fee for a boarding s horse in a stable in Rome (there is one near the centre of the city) is $1,000.00! but then imagine what the cost-of-running-a-horse-boarding-stable in New York's Central Park?!


This is our barn. It has 10 box stalls, each measure 10ft x 10ft. We use one stall to keep the pigs. All the stalls have thick rubber mattes to cushion horses' feet. Each stall has an automatic water dispenser, although the less clever of horses have low tech water buckets.

Some people prefer to use water buckets to better monitor water consumption of their horses. The inside of the stable has a dehumidifer and an electric heater. The temperature must be 10 degrees (C) during the winter to keep the pipes from freezing.The horses can heat the barn using body heat providing you have at least 6 of them.

If you have less than 6 horses your cost of running a horse boarding stable goes up due to the extra heating expenses. Consider All Expenses You have To Run the Horse Boarding Stable When calculating the cost of running a horse boarding stable, take into consideration your heating bill and other barn equipment expenses.

Our boarding stable has room for 10 horses. We charge $320.00 per month.

WOW that is a lot of money. Especially if you have 30 - 50 horses. But then of course there are expenses.

Hay, grain feed, bedding, watering, turnout and stall cleaning are included.

Hay cost: 200$ a ton(2005) Hay for 10 horse per month: 7-8 tons 1 ton of hay = about 50 bales. Shavings cost an average of $13.00 per day. Electricity, Equipment, tools, and mucking out stalls (if you hire someone to do it) is another expense.

Don?t bother calculating the mortgage on your barn. You?ll only start crying.

But if you run a larger operation. With a nice size indoor arena, the boarding fees jump to between $550.00 and $1100.00 a month. If you add services such as riding instructors and trainers your profits will jump considerably.

Consider having a riding school or a camp for children. A pony club can be much more profitable than a boarding stable alone. This will bring down the cost of running a boarding stable and you will see more profit.

Stay Positive

Don't be discouraged about the cost of running a horse boarding stable.

If you are passionate about horses and don?t mind doing a lot of physical work. You can earn a small salary by running a medium sized boarding stable. I for one, (and probably you too since you are reading this) would prefer mucking out a box stall to wearing a cute little uniform and serving up coffee and donuts.

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