Crosby Saddles

Crosby saddles are well known for their superior craftsmanship and quality. They have been around since right after World War II and are expertly crafted at Crosby House in Walsall, England. Over the past 60 years, they have only grown more popular and respected.

Saddles are a big investment and since only the finest materials are used for these saddles, they are made to last. They are handcrafted out of the best leather by only the most skilled saddle makers. Each saddle is signed by the maker as well.

They offer both traditional and new saddles, but they can also reproduce any saddle model, with just the serial number for reference. You will find a selection of close contact saddles, all purpose saddles, dressage saddles, show saddles, and pony saddles to choose from.

There are many places to find these saddles online and they can be found at a range of prices. Usually the pricing starts around $2,000 and they are well worth it. On the internet, you can find both new and used saddles for sale and they are a great value at any price. Since they are so well made, even a used saddle will last for many years.

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