The Custom Saddle

Saddle shopping for a hard to fit horse leads you to one stop- a custom saddle. Many saddle makers today offer options to create the perfect saddle for you and your horse, which makes many owners much happier.

The wide variety of tree options, seat options, and tooling is amazing. Often times, you’ll be asked to send in a “tracing” of your horse’s back, so that a tree can be created specifically for your horse. This option saves many horses a considerable amount of pain in the long run.

The seat options available for riders is amazing as well. You can choose from various padding materials, as well as the width and depth of the seat.

Many owners choose to explore the addition of hand tooling on their western saddles. This tooling adds a distinctive flair to the saddle, with patterns such as Hawaiian flowers, barb wire, or even horses carefully and lovingly stamped into the leather.

On occasion, saddles are used as trophies for various rodeo style events, and the date, location, and event will also be stamped into the fenders of the saddle. While these prized trophies look like works of art, they are also extremely high quality, fully functioning pieces of tack. I can not blame the owners of these beautiful examples of craftsmanship for keeping them in pristine, unused condition!

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