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Dream on

by Jessica

I want a horse sooooooooo badly. My parents grandparents won't let me because I play hockey, and because it's so expensive. I'm saving up though, and It'll take forever, but I'll NEVER give up. For those of you who have horses never forget how lucky you are, because some of us aren't so lucky.

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Dec 20, 2010
by: Morgan

I totally understand where your coming from!! For 13 years I begged and pleaded and asked for a horse but we never were able to get one. Then this year my mom and I found the perfect horse for me!! She's amazing! I've had to train her myself but she's come along so much! Having your own horse is an amazing learning experience and I hope you get one! Keep your hopes up! I'm sure you'll get one someday. Trust me all the hardwork that comes with a horse is worth it!

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