The Dressage Saddle

The Dressage Saddle is a unique looking saddle, that is used in english riding and jumping. The saddle has a completely different look than a western saddle. These saddles have a deep seat and the flaps are cut straight.

The design of the saddle helps the rider be in close contact with the horse, and allows the rider to be able to cue and control the horse with their legs and feet cues. The main parts of these saddles are the pommel, waist, seat, cantle, skirt, saddle flap, stirrup leather, stirrup iron, girth strap, surcingle loop, lining, point pocket, panel, and buckle guard.

Most saddles have three straps on each side, but this particular saddle only has two. This type of saddle also allows riders to sit as far forward in their saddle as possible.

It also allows them to feel secure in their seat and thigh area for control of themselves and the horse as much as possible. The stirrups on these saddles are usually shortened a little more than a western rider would, to give the rider more of a 'post' position, however they are not shortened to the extent as english or jumping riders.

It is important when buying one of these saddles to fit the saddle to your horse also. If you have never had experience in fitting a saddle, it is always wise to seek the advise of a horse trainer, so you are sure to get the correct saddle.

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