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Eliminate manure elbow

by Joseph
(Medford, Oregon)


I saw your site and read about this issue:

>I guess working with horses has deteriorated my elbow. It's is killing me! I don't know whether it is "Golfer's Elbow", or "Tennis Elbow". It comes not from these aforementioned sports (which I do not play) but due to working with horses. Mucking out box stalls can put a strain on the fragile human body. Being body-checked by a horse can also cause unpleasant side-affects.

I would like to give my solutions to pain and I would like you to also help others in this predicament by sending me your helpful hints on pain fixing.

My left elbow is very tender to the touch and it hurts when I use it. The best solution is to stop using it until it heals. Unless all the horses become constipated or learn to use the toilet, I need to muck out about 9 box stalls a day. Resting my arm is not an option.<

I go to equine breed shows and expos and your experience is echos all across the country. I have coined the term manure elbow to describe it. Basically we love our horses and are hurting ourselves to provide a good stable environment for them.

I invented a self cleaning manure fork that has helped many people eliminate the condition that you describe. You can read about it here:

Write to me if you have questions or wish to purchase one.


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