The Endurance Saddle

The endurance saddle is a saddle used by endurance riders. This saddle is designed for comfort with wide flaps on the side so that the rider can sit comfortably with minimal saddle shifting. This also makes the saddle comfortable for the horse.

The saddle is available to riders in both the English and Western saddle style. One of the features of many of these saddles is a special concern for seat comfort for riders who are in the saddle for many hours. Different modern fillers are designed to keep the rider cushioned, like a modern shock absorber put on a saddle.

The same concern for horses that spend hours under the saddle of these riders has created a tremendous choice of saddles that include smooth bottoms to minimize discomfort for horses. Some of the newer models of saddles following this design, include softer saddle seats so that saddles do not require riders to endure the discomfort of breaking in a new saddle. Another common feature of the saddles is a stirrup designed to reduce joint stress from uneven trail riding for hours at a time.

Price ranges for the leather saddles are around $1500 or more, on the average. There are also saddles available that are made from other materials and many of these are available for prices between $400 and $500.

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