The English Saddle

The English saddle is drastically different than the western saddle in both looks and uses. This type of saddle does not have have a horn and is much smaller than the saddles Americans and Canadians have gotten used to seeing in westerns.

The reason for the smaller size and lack of horn is to allow for maximum mobility for the horse. English horse saddles are great for equestrian sports and even race horses. These saddles are currently used in all Olympic horse sporting events.

Materials used in these saddles are a combination of woods, metals, and leathers conformed to provide a comfortable fit for both horse and rider. Expect to find new and unusual materials each year as companies try to improve on their saddles while reducing production costs.

Buy this saddle if you plan on using your horse for jumping, racing, sporting, or hunting. Do not buy this saddle if you plan on going on long trail rides, you can buy a western horse saddle for this.

The cost of this saddle will vary greatly and you can buy these brand new for as little as $500.00. However, if you plan on getting competitive in your chosen sport than you may want to spend a little more to get the best you can afford.

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