Gift Ideas For Horse Lovers

Sometimes it can be difficult to buy gifts for horse lovers especially if you are not one yourself. Here are some gift ideas for anyone looking to surprise a horse enthusiast:

- Unusual horse riding experience. There are tons of exciting and less common riding experiences on offer. How about booking a long-distance trek or a day as a cowboy? Even traditional riding lessons are a desired gift by any amateur horse rider.

- Riding equipment. Any horse lover will appreciate a pair of jodhpurs or breeches or a breathable coat for hacking out. If your budget is limited, why not get a pair of good riding gloves or some riding socks?

- A grooming kit. This gift idea is particularly good for children as they just love to take care of ponies. Horse owners will also appreciate this gift as no one can ever have too many hoof picks and brushes!

- Books and subscriptions. If the person is an avid reader, buying an informative book or getting them an equestrian magazine subscription is a gift that will bring joy to its owner for a long time.

- A painting or a photograph. Some horse owners seem to have everything. A painting or a photograph of their horse is a lovely way to give them something special.

- Gift voucher to local equestrian store. If you find it hard to pick a gift, why not let the receiver decide?

- Horse accessories. A lightweight rain sheet, a numnah or a set of new reins are only some of the things that any horse owner will appreciate.

- Horse treats. If you are only looking to get a small present, why not get some horse treats? If you are really adventurous, try make your own delicious horse snacks with recipes found on the Internet.

- Tickets to equestrian events. Many countries have some exciting international shows and competitions on every year. In addition to exciting competitions and displays, these places are often full of good tack bargains!

These gift ideas can help you to pick the right present for your horse-loving friend. If you buy something that comes in different sizes, always keep your receipts in case it does not fit.

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