Horse Allergies

My Horse Allergies.

By: Cassie from Australia

I've ridden horses all my life. Ever since i was 6 months old and my mum would put me on the saddle in front of her. The only problem is that I have severe allergies to just about any thing, that includes horses. When I was younger i would have to take antihistamines before riding and wear longsleeved shirts and long pants so that my skin didn't touch the horses. Also I am a chronic asthmatic and horses set that off too.

The doctors all said that I'd have to give up riding but i wouldn't have it.

Amazingly, over the years i began to become immune to the allergy. The more time i spent with them the milder the reactions became. I can now wear short sleeved shirts and can give my horses a hug whenever i want! The only things now are that if i have a cut and it touches the horse i get small weltsand also if we go on long musters i have to take asthma medication as i get asthmatic around horses in winter.

I think i am lucky that i put up with the discomfort as if i didn't i would never be where i am today.

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