Emergency Horse Care

Always be prepared with a horse care general first aid kit with the essentials for an emergency.

Keep the emergency kit in full view and in an easy to reach place in the barn.

Hang it up on a hook and paint a large red cross on the front of the box or bag in which the materials are to be kept.

First Aid Kit Essentials

General First Aid Kit
- stethoscope
- lubricating jelly
- flashlight and fresh batteries
- wooden applicator sticks
- disposable syringes for flushing
- watch with timer or sweep second hand
- protective boot
- duct tape
- instant cold compress
- twitch
- clean towels wrapped in plastic bags to keep them dust free
- thermometer
- bandage scissors
- wound ointments (betadine; nitrofurazone)
- surgical gloves (latex or rubber)
- pocket knife
- disposable razor
- black electrical tape
- weight and height tape
- lead shank or chain
- clean bucket for wound washing

Wound Bandaging Kit
- 4 x 30 inch cotton batting
- 4 x 30 inch cotton leg quilt
- non-stick gauze dressing (various sizes but 3 x 8 inches at least)
- 4 x 4 inch gauze squares in ziplock baggie
- vet wrap or bandages
- bandage scissors
- conforming crepe bandage
- rolls of 4 inch conforming gauze

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