Horse Clipping

Horse Clipping – Advantages and Disadvantages

Before you decide whether to clip your horse or not, there are some aspects you should consider. This overview of the advantages and disadvantages of clipping a horse will help you make the right decision.

The most common reason for clipping a horse is sweating. During winter time, most horses grow a thick coat to protect them from the cold weather. When a horse with a thick coat is working, it gets sweaty quicker. Imagine if you were exercising with a winter coat on you and you will get an idea of the discomfort these horses will experience.

Apart from this, looking after a horse with a thick coat can be time consuming. Every time you have exercised your horse you will have to wash it and use a cooler rug to dry off the moisture. A clipped horse will not need as much time to dry.

Horses that take part in shows, events or competitions on a regular basis are often clipped for turnout purposes. A clipped horse is easier to keep clean and is neat looking. Another advantage of clipping for these horses is that they will be wearing a rug all the time and thus do not get as dirty.

Not all horse owners opt for horse clipping. Horses that only do light work or spend a lot of time outdoors are often left unclipped. These horses do not need to wear a rug as often as clipped horses as their own coat provides adequate protection against cool, dry weather.

Some horses do not like being clipped and thus their owners sometimes choose not to clip them. Horses that are not used to the sound of a clipping machine and the feel of their coat being clipped might not react well to being clipped.

Clipping adds another cost to keeping a horse. Good clippers can be expensive and buying or re-sharpening blades can be pricey. In addition to this, clipped horses will need a wider selection of rugs as they will require a selection of indoor and outdoors rugs depending on the weather.

The decision whether to clip your horse or not is individual. Prior to making your mind up, you should consider the advantages and disadvantages your decision will have. If you decide to clip your horse, always use safe clipping equipment and ask for help if you are inexperienced in clipping.

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