Horse Color Game
Can you match the color of the horse with its color description?

Horses come in different colors but their colors are described in a special way. For example a horse that is reddish borown with the same or lighter mane and tail is called a Chestnut.

Take the quiz: Match the horse color with its description:

1. Chestnut a. Mixture of black and white hairs
2. Blue Roan

b. Reddish brown with black mane and tail

3. Palomino

c. White or grey with rings of darker grey hair

4. Buckskin

d. Reddish brown coat with the mane the same or lighter

5. Grey e. Brown and white patches
6. Dapple Grey f. Cream/caramel coat with black mane and tail
7. Cremello g. White horses are referred to as this
8. Bay

h. black and white patches

9. Skewbald i. Mixture of chesnut and white hairs
10. Strawberry Roan j. Another name for Chestnut
11. Piebald k. Golden coat with white mane and tail
12. Sorrell l. Pale ream color with chream mane and tail

Here are the answers:

1-3, 2-a, 3-k, 4-f, 5-g, 6-c, 7-l, 8-b, 9-e, 10- i, 11-h, 12-j


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