Horse Health Insurance

Horse health insurance is great because a horse is a major investment and one that needs to be protected. As a large animal, and perhaps due to our experiences with their use in sporting events, we often view horses as indestructible. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Horses get sick just like any other pet but due to their sensitive nature and the skills needed to treat them procedures can get expensive very quickly.

A horse is a big investment, often costing many thousands of dollars. Purchasing comprehensive coverage will look like a drop in the bucket compared to this sum. Most plans average about $250 dollars and provide about $7500 in major medical coverage. Additional surgical and specialized procedure riders are usually available for an additional fee. This does not include the standard deductible that attaches to most procedures and payouts. Even with an additional fee this will prove much cheaper than attempting to pay out of pocket for your animal’s medical bills.

While ensuring your horse’s health is always a good idea you may also want to invest in horse mortality insurance. Many plans are available that will repay your investment up to 75 percent of the animal’s value upon death. All of these represent a good way to protect your horse and your investment.

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