Horse Supplement

What is a horse supplement and why does my horse need it? That is a question that many horse owners ask themselves when they hear about supplement products. Before you place your horse on any supplements be sure to talk to either a veterinarian or a animal nutritionist so that they can help you to decide if the supplement is really necessary for your horse.

There are several different types of supplements available. For instance there are mineral supplements that are proven to help your horse in all of its bodily functions. Within a mineral supplement there are different types of minerals that your horse's body does require but all at different levels.

The level of supplements needed depends on several different factors which include, but are not limited to: age of animal, size, breed, climate, daily use, pregnancy, time of year, ration, sickness, purpose of the supplementation.

These factors mentioned are a very important part of deciding what type of supplementation your horse needs. If you are trying to get a horse to lose weight then you would put them on a high energy and protein diet, where as if you wish for them to gain weight you would lower the energy level.

It is important to realize that some supplements are also made to help your horse stay healthy and avoid some health risks and issues. It is very important to involve your veterinarian or a animal nutritionist because if your animal receives to much of a supplement it can cause more harm than good, it is also important for them to analyze the diet that your animal is on to ensure that the supplement will be absorbed and used to its highest potential.

It is also important to note that not all supplements are created equally. There are some that are more readily digestible and more beneficial to the animal. It is also important to do your research, you may be able to find a very comparable supplement at a lower cost than a more marketed one.

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