Horse Trailer Safety

A Guide to Horse Trailer Safety

A horse inside a trailer is in a vulnerable position. It is not a natural habitat of a horse and horses do not like enclosed places so; He might feel very fragile emotionally.

Think of a horse as nitro-glycerin in the back of your truck...try not to shake the trailer.

Many a horse has suffered injuries being driven by a novice, or an irresponsible driver. This is why it is a good idea to hire a professional to drive your horse long distance.

My friends, Dot and Andy have a lot of experience hauling horses. They have made many long distance trips. Here are some important considerations when trailering your horse. Below are some of their horse trailer safety tips.

It is very important that your trailer and vehicle are in good working order.
- Breaks, break lights running lights all lights around the trailer
- Tires are very important
- Gates secure and not broken
- No pieces of metal sticking out which might hurt the horse
- Keep the trailer Clean and disinfected all the time
- Always keep an emergency medical kit - 1 for humans, and 1 for horses.
- Have a cell phone fully charged with you in your vehicle
- Keep extra water on board in case of emergencies – either for drinking or for cleaning cuts and scrapes

Make stops frequently to allow your horse to rest.

More Horse Trailer Safety Tips

If you are hauling your own horses you will need a proper horse trailer. Choose a trailer with windows for the horse. Put the windows down when you’re going on a long trip so the horses can put their heads out and relax a little while you are in a restaurant on one of the many stops you need to make when hauling horses.

Stop frequently to give the horse a good rest.

When you stop to rest keep the horse in the trailer. Mostly there is no place to let them out to walk around. Certainly not in the parking lot of a road side restaurant or during a gas-up break.

When hauling a horse, it is best to get them to their destination in the shortest time possible. But respect all horse trailer safety rules. Horse transporters usually drive night and day, but rest a lot to give the horses a chance to rest too.

Horses get tired while in the trailer.

When being transported in a trailer, a horse uses his muscles to keep his balance. When stopping to rest, let the horse poke his head out the window, and allow him to walk around the trailer if it is large enough.

A gelding can urinate on a long trip but a mare can’t urinate while driving because she has to crouch.

Horse Trailer Safety on the Road

Leave a good distance between you and the next car, don’t break suddenly!

Most people on the highway are very respectful but in the cities many people rush around and being city folk, many don't understand horses.

Many trailers have a sleeping place in the goose neck part of the trailer.

Never sleep in a moving trailer no matter how tired the person is. It is not allowed. And I can not stress how dangerous this is.

Tips for Loading A Horse into the Trailer - Do not get in front of the horse when loading him onto the trailer.He might try to follow you out via the escape door - After putting the horse into the trailer put the but chain onThen tie the horse - After you step of the trailer take care closing the door without making a huge bang or, better, have the horse get used to the noise of chains and metal doors banging so he does not get frightened when he hears this sound in the trailer

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