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katy and blossom (not a true story)

by molly k
(united kingdom)

Katy was an ordinary girl who had lived in New zealand since she was 2 now she was 11 and it was time to move on. While in New zealand, Katy had grew up around horses, Smarties was her own appaloosa who she had to part with when she left for england.

Katy tried and tried to convince her mum to box Smarties and drive to England, her mother always said "We're catching the first PLANE to England, and that is final."

Her mum had promised her a new pony when they settled into their new cottage, 6 days after they had un boxed and redecorated their new home. Katy was awfully excited but boy did she miss getting up in the morning, pulling on her dirty wellies and jogging over to Zenguri stables to greet Smarties with her head sticking out the door, waiting for breakfast.

Katy's mum was keen to get Katy a new horse and find her a new stable to ride at. Barnaby Valley seemed like a nice stable so Kates mum dragged Kate along to see it.

Stephany was the owner of Barnaby Valley and she set a great example. Kates mum insisted they said hello. She grabbed Kates hand and rushed up to Steph with a smile on her face. "Hi I'm Miss Nevernd, but please call me Natalie. This is my daughter Kate." Kate blushed. "Hello." Kate smiled, completely and utterly embarrassed by her mum. "Hello, Natalie, Kate. I'm Miss Nodgeburg." At that moment, the word posh struck to Kates mind until she added. "-call me steph, please."

"Can I help you, Natalie, Kate?" Steph was gleaming now. "Yes, are you selling any 15hh controllable horses? My daughter would love to ride here!"

"We have Rex and Blossom for sale. Sadly, Rex is uncontrollable, that leaves us with blossom." Steph smiled. "Is it ok if I go home and do all my jobs? I'll get her at 4." Kates mum smiled. Kate was screaming inside.

"I'll show you the tour, first to blossoms stable where you'll be all day." Steph ran too Blossy's stable and waited for kate too catch up. Kate stumbled through the barn and nearly fainted when she glanced at blossom.

Blossom was palomino with a stunning long mane and tail, she had a lovely forelock and a great stand and chest. Obviously she was groomed regularly and in full condition and health. Kate was soon out of her day dream when steph said "Go in with her, she's yours. Before, your mother slipped an envelope into my jacket which contained £1100."

Kate placed her hat by the stable and slowly opened it, the fine mare moved over so Kate could slip in. Kate lifted her foot, rubbed over her body pretending too groom her, ragged her mane and tail as if she was combing it and slipped the head collar on and walked in circles with her, to see if she could accomplish all these things without being bitten or tread on.

Kate squealed without realising Stephs head poking over the door. "What about the tack?" Kate gulped embarrassed about being caught squealing."In that locker right there!" Steph pointed, grinning. "Thanks!" Kate giggled. Steph strode away and as soon as Kate couldn't see her she hugged the palomino.

Kate opened the locker with the key Steph gave her and got the saddle out. Blossom backed away so Kate placed the saddle over the gate and tugged the head collar off the peg. Kate gently slipped it on to and tied the rope very shortly around the hay net holder (the weird circle thing).

Blossom stood as still as she would sleeping then Kate placed the saddle on Blossy's back and slid it back into position. Kate fastened the girth only loosely while she fitted the bridle. She trodded through the straw again, back to the locker and got the bridle.

Kate un clipped the lead rope from the head collar and held one of the metal loops on the head collar, she moved the head collar down her neck so she still had control, made the lead rope looser from the peg then attached the lead rope to the head collar. Blossom still stood absolutely still. Kate was proud. Kate threw the reins over Blossom's head, pushed the bit into Blossy's mouth, gave her a kiss and pulled the ear piece over the ears.

Kate then fastened the bridle straps such as the nose band and then she tightened the girth, pulled the stirrups down and took the head collar off fully.

Then Kate opened the gate, still Blossom stood still while Kate grabbed her hat. Kate tightened her hat to a fit and checked her watch, 2:45, an hour and fifteen minutes riding isn't bad. Kate mounted and made the final adjustments to the girth in the stable.

Kate kicked Blossom to make her walk with a nodding head towards the outdoor arena. Now this was difficult, you had to walk, trot, canter, jump, trot over trotting poles, steer, and control.

Kate opened the gate and closed it after she entered. Kate walked fast, trotted, rose and trotted, cantered, jumped, trotted over trotting poles, steered and controlled. All in an 45 minutes. (She left time to un tack and groom down.)

Kate dis mounted and walked blossom to her stable. Blossom was worn out so kate led her in the stable and groomed her down.

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Aug 27, 2014
how long have you been around horse NEW
by: becca fryer

How long have you been around horse. I kind of rolled through your reading. But you said that you been around horse sins you were 2 years old. And now how long have you been around horse after you move from you live befor now.
By Becca Sucher

Jul 21, 2011
by: Anonymous

That was a great story! you are an amazing story writer!! you should totally write a book!!

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