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my new horse

by Lexi Kate McGrath

One day I got home from school and my mom told me to go to our pasture.So I got on my four wheeler and I went down the road to our pasture.I got there and i saw a new horse and she had a white star on her four head and the rest of her was black.I asked my mom if she was mine and she said yes.I named her smokey.
My mom told me I had to train her my self.I taught her to walk and she did it real good.Then I had to train her to let me ride her.She bucked me off and I broke my arm.
I got so mad I got on her and made her run to our pond and I got off of her.I sat up my tent and got in it and went to sleep.My mom came and she found me and smokey.
My mom told me to go to the car so we can go an get my cast off and then you can go and ride her.They got my cast off and we headed back home.She walked to me and I rode her to my mom and she told me we had to put her down.
I was so sad i started to cry.I told my mom NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DONT DO IT TO HER MOM AND DAD........

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Jul 21, 2011
by: Anonymous

Omg i am soo sorry! why did you hsve to put her down? she sounded fine. I hope you are more successful whith other horses in the future

Oct 14, 2010
looking after your horse's welfare
by: Anonymous

when grooming, look out for signs of strangles, sweetitch and ringworm and treat it with an anti-bacterial shampoo at the first signs; also, check with a vet.
better yet, be proactive and protect your horse with an effective shampoo now to save on vet's fees - there's an information brochure and effective inexpensive shampoos with testimonials from famous-ish riders on this web site

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