Oat Feed

Oat feed can be a nice addition to your horse's food to keep your horse happy and healthy. However, be aware that horses that are not tolerant to grain can have serious health problems from this type of feed. Try to find whole oat kernals for your horse as the more refined oats will not provide your horse with the full nutritional value of the oat.

The amount of this feed that should be fed to your horse will vary depending on how much exercise your horse gets and how he or she is housed. The reason for this is because oats pack quite a bit of energy into them and are calorie dense. You do not want a ranch horse that is used for occasional riding an abundance of extra calories. Overfeeding any feed will make your horse overweight and oats are no exception.

When initially starting a horse out on oat horse feed, you need to make sure you start gradually. Do not go from zero oats to 20 pounds in one day. Infact you probably won't need to feed your horse more and 10-15 pounds of this feed in a day.(spread out evenly through all meals of course.

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